MTBO mechanical problems
Did you ever have a mechanical problem during the world champs or World cup race? Have you been able to complete the course after it or not? Did it crush your result?

Now you can share your experience and help us to create a dataset of mechanical accidents.

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Did you have a mechanical problem during the world champs or world cup race? *
If no, you are the lucky one ;-) But thanks for you time. If yes, please provide the name and date of the race.
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What kind of problem did you have?
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Have you been able to fix it in the forest?
Did you finish the course?
How much time did you lose with the repair?
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Do you think that the service control somewhere on the course, probably on the spectator's leg near the arena, could help you to fix the problem?
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Did you ever use the service control point in the race?
Do you think that service control point should be mandatory in each race?
Remarks and comments are highly welcome.
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