IASS 2018: Workshop and Master Class Proposal Form
Please use this form to propose workshops or master classes to be held in the days ahead of the 2018 IASS Symposium in Boston. Following the convention used in the 2017 IASS Symposium, master classes address specialists and aim at the exchange of knowledge on an advanced level, while in workshops, experience will be gained together and exchanged.

Due to limitations on facilities and budget, the 2018 IASS organizers cannot guarantee that all master class and workshop proposals can be accepted, but will carefully review each proposal and reach out to discuss specifics with the proposers as necessary.

Please submit your proposals by midnight Eastern Time on November 15, 2017. You should expect to receive a decision on your submission by mid-December, 2017.

More information about the symposium: www.iass2018.org
What type of pre-symposium activity are you proposing? *
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Give a brief abstract for the proposed activity: Why is the topic timely and important, and what intellectual value do you expect to emerge for those participating? *
Please upload 1-3 relevant images with captions for the proposed workshop or master class as a PDF (10 MB max file size).
Describe the audience you anticipate attracting to your workshop or master class (e.g. Ph.D. students, working professionals, architects, engineers, etc.). *
Have you organized a similar workshop or master class at previous IASS or other relevant symposia? If yes, please provide a brief summary. *
What teaching experience, if any, do the proposers have? *
How does the proposed session relate to the symposium theme, Creativity in Structural Design? *
How many days will your workshop or master class be? *
What resources, materials, and facilities do you need to conduct this activity? What coordination do you anticipate needing from the local MIT campus team? *
If your activity requires materials or equipment, do you have funding sources to purchase these? *
If your activity requires specialized software, can you distribute it to the participants for free? What will the licensing terms be? *
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