Songs for Community Managers' Lives
Thanks for participating! In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day in 2016, I am curating a list of songs that reflect the life and times of community managers on the job. Share a short story about why it's your song. Does it uplift you? Are a verse (or three) the perfect narrative to a pivotal moment you had once working with a community? Your choice of song can capture a moment in time or something else, your creativity is welcome. Depending on response volume, I am looking to share the best short stories you submit and one big list of songs from everyone who participates. Need more context or some help? Read the blog post about this project:
What's the name of your song? *
Who is the artist who sings it? *
If the artist isn't the composer, say it's x Artist's version/cover of <song name>
Please share a link to video or audio of your song that I can include with your story. *
What about this song reminds you of community? *
Is there something in the song that really speaks to ongoing or particular experiences as a community manager? Please share a short anecdote. Calling out specific lyrics, if applicable, is very welcome!
How do you use this song?
(For example: stress relief, timely relief of a particular situation, daily listening, something else)
What is your name? *
What is your Twitter handle? I’d like to be able to credit everyone this way. *
Reach out to me at medanic@gmail if you'd prefer another way of crediting.
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If so, how can I get in direct contact with you?
If I need to clarify something, what is an email I can do so at? *
The purpose of this compilation is fun and sharing! I will edit out anything that points directly to any client or individual to protect you & them! We are all in the relationship business, however and this music collection is how we do our "self-care."
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