Field Technician Application for Employment

Lewellyn Technology LLC, a progressive nationwide electrical safety training, engineering, and consulting company, is seeking a Full-Time Field Technician to collect electrical data to be used by our engineering department to complete an incident energy analysis as part of risk assessment required by the NFPA 70 E.

Field technicians are required to travel up to 100% across North America visiting client facilities to collect specific electrical data from energized equipment. The data is collected from transformers, circuit breakers and fuses, cable size and length, etc. and then sent to our engineering department for the purpose of performing an incident energy analysis. Upon completion of the report, the field technician returns to the client facility to present findings and affix arc flash warning labels to electrical equipment.

Potential candidates must be safety oriented, highly motivated, and must wear category 2 (up to category 4) arc flash clothing (PPE) during electrical data collection. Candidates must possess good organization and communication skills, be able to work independently as well as on a team, and present themselves professionally while performing assigned tasks. Knowledge of electrical distribution equipment and understanding how systems distribute power in industrial and commercial settings is a requirement. Candidate must have a valid drivers license, basic computer skills, and the ability to use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

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