ElixirConf® US 2022 Speaker Proposal
Welcome to the ElixirConf® US 2022 speaker proposal page!

ElixirConf US 2022 is the ninth annual ElixirConf conference. The conference will be held at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, CO. Attendees will meet in-person Aug 30 - Sep 2.

This year we are looking for speakers with Elixir centric content and who can bring pragmatic and practical knowledge into their Elixir talks. Whether you are new to Elixir or a seasoned developer and a core team member, we look forward to what you can share with the global Elixir community.

Speaker proposals must be submitted by July 2, 2022.

We look forward to your proposal(s) and thank you for your support of the Elixir community.

If you need help deciding on a topic, below are a few topics you may want to consider.

 - Your (or your team/company's) journey on adopting and/or working with Elixir
 - Elixir, Phoenix, Livebook, Nx, Nerves, LiveView, Scenic, Ecto
 - Managing Distributed, Concurrent, or Multi-Node Systems
 - Elixir in the fields of:  Web, Medical, Data Analytics, ML, or AI
 - Elixir Deployments, Releases, CI/CD, and Infrastructure
 - Elixir for Corporate Computing, Small Businesses, or Startups
 - Tools (Environment, Compilers, Formatters, Mix)
 - Other Related Topics (BEAM, ETS, OTP, CRDT, Testing, Streaming)

Speaker and CFP Details

ElixirConf® US 2022 is a multi-track conference.

Speaking slots will be 40 minutes. The time includes an  optional Q&A.

All speakers and talks are expected to conform to the ElixirConf® decorum policy and to refrain from the use of profanity in written or verbal form. Please refer to ElixirConf.com decorum policies, terms of service, and privacy policies.

Accepted speakers will receive free entrance into the conference.

Details about speaker slide sets will be sent to accepted speakers.

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