2022  World Patient Safety Day Webinar 
Thursday, 1st September, 2022  |   14:00-15:50 (CST, UTC+8)     
Session 1: Through Innovative Clinical Training to Improve patient safety
Friday, 16th September, 2022  |   14:00-16:40 (CST, UTC+8)   
Session 2: Using Technology to Improve Medication Safety
Tuesday, 4th October, 2022  |  14:00-15:50 (CST, UTC+8)     
Session 3: Using Technology to Improve Maternal and Newborn Care
Friday, 7th October, 2022  |   15:00-16:50 (CST, UTC+8)     
Session 4: Using Technology to Prevent Mistakes in Surgery
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2022  World Patient Safety Day Webinar 
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