SL Community Exhibition Application

The Second Life Community Exhibition (SLCE) offers a new and exciting opportunity for increased visibility and promotion for established communities in Second Life. As part of our New User Community Hub, the SLCE brings visibility and exposure to a diverse range of Second Life communities via primely-positioned exhibition space in one of our most active and popular starting points for all newly-registered Residents. 

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Participation Guidelines

Exhibition participation space is limited and acceptance into this program is under the sole discretion of Linden Lab and its representatives. To be considered for this opportunity, interested communities should consider the following criteria for participation:

  • Applications to the SLCE program do not guarantee acceptance. If notified, selected participants will be given a small non-commercial exhibition space that can be used to promote and draw attention to their full region or community in Second Life. 

  • The SLCE is an evolving program that seeks to promote active Second Life communities, on a rotating basis, to new Residents. Participation guidelines may be updated as the project expands.

  • Participating communities must be welcoming to new Residents. Participants should ensure that all newly-registered community members are able to access your regions or communities with no bias toward the length of time a visitor has been a Second Life resident. For example, no auto-eject or bans should be in place preventing new residents from visiting your community.

  • No commercial activity can be conducted in the exhibition space. this includes the placement of tipjars or donation kiosks. Participants are encouraged to distribute freebies (0L$) or other incentives. 

  • The New User Community Hub is a General rated region. Your community does not have to be General rated, but your exhibit should be.

  • You may not use real life or Second Life brands, logos, sounds, or graphics that you do not own and do not have the right to use. As a rule of thumb, if you did not create it, or if you do not have written permission to use it, don’t.

  • Each exhibition space may include one exit teleport portal or landmark to your full community experience.

  • Priority consideration will be given to communities already participating in our Community Gateway program and/or non-commercial communities that demonstrate a positive experience that is welcoming for newly-registered Second Life community members. Additional priority consideration will be given to those communities that demonstrate a history of proactively holding newcomer-friendly events and activities.

  • Each Community must show activity within Second Life for at least one (1) year

  • Selected participants may be removed from the SLCE program at any time at the discretion of Linden Lab.

  • SLCE Participants, their Communities, and its Leaders must maintain good disciplinary and financial standing with Linden Lab, adhere to the Second Life Community Standards, and agree to Linden Lab’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Each Community should be clearly represented by an owner and/or officer(s) (the “Community Leaders”). This will be the contact person for all discussions concerning the SLCE project.

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