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Re-imagine space & belonging – Explore our community – Earn community involvement volunteer hours!

EPYC2019: Transforming Spaces is a 2 part event for teenagers designed to empower them as community leaders!
Participants develop leadership skills, learn about our community, and earn community involvement hours for active participation. The fun games and activities help each person discover the unique way they can enhance belonging and stewardship of our community. Working in small groups, teams will help to solve a problem or create an opportunity for a charity or social start-up.

If you have any questions, you can contact Sydney at project@volunteerWR.ca or 519-742- 8610

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Please note: These events are designed for people ages 14-18
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In a nutshell: Youth Leader Credit provides students an opportunity to be a leader at the events, earn additional volunteer hours, and upon successful completion of tasks, receive an Achieve certificate and a Letter of Reference. By checking "Yes" you will receive more details on how to be eligible for this Credit.
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