Structural Engineering Survey
This survey examines culture and practice in structural engineering design relating to embodied energy. This survey will ask you questions about your current design practice.

The survey is completely anonymous. If you do wish to be identified and contacted for follow up questions, there is an opportunity to provide your email address.

The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. There are 32 short questions (all of which are optional).

On completion, you will be able to enter a prize draw to win one of three prizes of £100.

Please review below some important terminology before starting the survey:

“Embodied energy” refers to the energy required to initially produce a building. It includes the energy used for the abstraction, the processing, and the manufacture of the materials of the building as well as their transportation and assembly on site.

“Material utilisation” is the ratio between an actual performance value and the maximum allowable performance value (for example, the maximum design effect of an action on a beam ("Ed") divided by the beam’s design resistance ("Rd")).

"Design effect of actions" ("Ed")
Is the factored effect of actions (where actions are applied loads, imposed deformations, or imposed accelerations) on structural members. For example internal forces, moments, stresses, strains.

"Design resistance" ("Rd")
Is the factored capacity of a member or component, or a cross-section of a member or component of a structure, to withstand actions.

"Characteristic" values of an action are un-factored, and are modified by a partial factor to obtain "Design" values.

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