Illinois Wing Summer Encampment 2020 - Cadre Consideration Request
Complete the request completely before you submit the form. Please submit only ONCE. Read the instructions and questions carefully. You will likely have to refer to e-services for some information. Do not leave blanks! If the question does not apply, use N/A. Incomplete applications may not be considered.

For the longer answers you may want to compose your answer in a word processor and cut/paste your answer so you will have a copy of your answers for your use and just in case something happens.

Deadline for consideration for cadet executive cadre is 12 JUN 20

Deadline for consideration for all of the remaining cadet cadre is 12 JUN 20
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Were you offered a Cadre position at 2020 Spring Encampment and if so, what was that position?
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Have you applied for, or do you plan to apply for, any NCSAs for Summer 2020 that may have a date conflict? If so list the activity. *
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Previous Encampment Positions
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Do you have any other activities or circumstances that would prevent you from serving in the staff position that you are applying for? Explain.
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Why do you feel you qualify for this position? *
You may copy and paste the experience portion of your CAP resume here.
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List other positions or activities that you have experienced that would further qualify you for the staff position you are applying for.
Please list type of activity, month & year, your position, location. Non CAP activities may be listed.
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What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? *
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What do you hope to gain from this experience? *
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If you get your 1st choice position what do you plan to do that is unique, better, different from others that are applying for the same position? *
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List references that endorse your application. Include email address and position. *
References Required - Your Deputy Commander of Cadets or Squadron Commander is required. Cadets Officers can also be references.
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Before hitting submit!!
Go back and read your responses BEFORE you submit. Only submit one application.

This is the first step. THIS IS NOT YOUR ENCAMPMENT APPLICATION. You will be required to submit all forms and apply online when formal registration begins in June.

There may be an interview required for the position you have selected.
Cadets will be asked to agree to written expectations of their positions before their appointment is official.

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