Economic collapse - Covid-19 and your finances - Fresh Start Debt Solutions offers emergency relief and distressed debt advice to South Africans
Let us help you navigate the economic crisis created by the Corona Virus.
Advice is What's App message or email away

Action steps you can take today to protect yourself and your future.

We survived the virus but will we survive its economic effect?

People that act early have the most options.
People with a "wait and see" approach will run into trouble finding help as there will literally be hundreds of thousands of people that need help.

We know you are scared and unsure, everyone is sacred as there has never been a crisis like this that posed such a great risk.
More people will suffer financially than from the virus.


We would like to assist you to see where and how would be best to reduce your debt.
We have several tools to do this. If you are currently under debt review we need to urgently speak as your debt review plan might be at risk of collapse.

You might qualify for government regulated relief options. Let's talk about your options?

We have plans you can use to drastically conserve cash so you can take care of your family and any possible medical expenses.

The survival of your family should now be your only priority from a health and financial perspective.

If you don't feel financial pain currently we urge you to still speak to us so we can assess your position and point out possible future problems.

Very few people will be unaffected by
a) The virus and its financial fallout and
b) The disastrous South African economy.

Our assessment is FREE
It's just a telephone conversation
It might just be the solution you need to get you through the coming storm and if nothing else it will give you peace of mind on what to do if anything.

To setup a day and time to talk please trust us with your email address. Once we receive your email we will send you some information on the best kept secret in debt relief and setup a day with you when we can discuss what help we can offer you

We hope to hear from you soon...
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