2019 Summer Camp East Registration Form
Welcome to the Summer Camp Registration form! We're looking forward to seeing you in July!

If you have any questions or difficulties while filling out the form, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cfnc.us. The FAQ page at cfnc.us/summercamp/FAQ may also be helpful.

If you find that you cannot progress to the next page of the questionnaire, please review the form to make sure that you have answered all mandatory questions. Additional technical challenges may be solved by using a different browser. You will receive a copy of your answers by email. This is also your confirmation that your form has been received.

Please be aware that all attendees of Summer Camp must pre-register - we do not take walk-in campers.

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We will be making a contact sheet for event participants- what contact info. would you like included on the sheet? (Answer n/a if the item doesn't apply to you.)
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Can we subscribe you to the camp discussion list? *
Each year, we set up an email discussion list before camp so that attendees can get to know each other, share resources, and start building community before camp. It also serves as a great way to connect and debrief after camp. Normally we subscribe all registrants to the list. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.
Alternate email address
If you would like us to subscribe you to the camp email discussion list under a different email address from the one you entered above, please enter it here.
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When do you plan to arrive? *
In order to build an intimate community with a strong sense of safety, it is essential that everyone be in place for the start of orientation at 9:00 AM on Saturday. We ask everyone to arrive on Friday evening if at all possible, and if not, by 8:30 AM on Saturday morning at the latest. Late arrivals are not allowed except in extraordinary circumstances.
Do you need to leave early? *
If you can't stay for the entire time, camp can still be a powerful experience. If you must leave early, we understand, and appreciate the time that you could spend with us.
If you need to leave early, which day will you leave?
Do you need or can you offer a carpool?
Please post on the Facebook event page to set this up.
If you need or can offer a carpool, where will you be coming from?
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Pre-Camp & Post-Camp
Every year we offer two opportunities for extending your New Culture Summer Camp experience:

Pre-Camp, Tuesday 7/9 to Friday 7/12; and
Post-Camp, Sunday 7/21 to Tuesday 7/23

Join us as we build our community energy and create the community's infrastructure; stay with us to release the energy that we created and restore the site. We have two three-hour "work"-shop periods each day, plus play time in the afternoons and intimacy/community-building activities in the evenings, building New Culture through shared work and celebration.

We ask for a small donation to help with meals, lodging, and program for Pre- and Post-camp.
We suggest $50 for Pre-Camp and $20 for Post-Camp, but any amount is welcome, including $0 - please give what you can easily afford. On the last page of this form, you'll have an opportunity to let us know what you plan to donate.

If you would like to join us for Pre-Camp, which day will you arrive?
Approximately what time would you arrive that day?
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If you would like to stay for Post-Camp, which day will you leave?
Approximately what time would you leave that day?
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Other Personal Information
Special food needs: *
Meals will be delicious, healthy, vegetarian food with a vegan option. With enough advance notice, we can also accommodate many special food needs. In addition, there is space for people to store personal food, and a small kitchen where those with special diets can prepare what they need. Please check the items below that are true for you:
Name of emergency contact person *
Preferably, this is someone who is not attending camp.
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Primary phone of emergency contact person *
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Secondary phone of emergency contact person
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Emergency contact's relationship to you *
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Does this person know the nature of the event? *
Are you 18 or older? *
People 17 or younger need to bring an adult parent or guardian.
What is your age?
This question is optional but it can be helpful to us to know the ages of attendees.
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Have you been to previous New Culture events? *
Please check all that apply:
How did you hear about this event? *
Please select all that apply.
Specifics of where you heard about us
If you are new to New Culture events we would love it if you could share more specifics of how you heard about us-- From which listserv, Facebook group, Meetup group, event, website, etc. ?
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Do you have any special needs or medical/psychological issues the organizers should know about?
This information will be kept confidential to the organizers.
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