Teaching in 2020-2021 Survey - Follow Up
Please complete the following follow up survey on teaching during the COVID pandemic. We are collecting research so that we can help provide resources and tools for teachers that are practical, quick, and easy to implement with the goal of increasing student engagement and learning.

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Now that one year has passed from teaching during the Covid pandemic, what new mindset skills did you develop? (Check all that apply). *
What new technology did you learn and use during this past year? (check all that apply) *
What support do you need or wish you had? *
How stressful do you find teaching this past year during the pandemic? *
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How stressful do you think your students find  learning during the pandemic? *
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How would you measure the overall performance of students during the past year when compared to other times you have taught? *
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Anything additional you would like to add
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! Your feedback helps drive the programming and research for the Center for Virtual Instruction: Visit: centerforvirtualinstruction.com for more information!
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