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- Inga is a funny, smart, affectionate & trusting girl. Inga has anxiety & this is part of her personality. We know that Inga's anxieties are not curable but well managed with positive reinforcement techniques. We are looking forward to teaching these tools to a perspective adopter.

- Inga must be the only pet in the household, no exceptions.

- A willingness to continue Inga's training is important, and is included in Inga's adoption.

- Inga's adoption is open to those living out of state, but we do require a perspective adopter to meet Inga in person and spend a good deal of time getting to know her.

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Do you agree with positive reinforcement training over more physical methods? How do you feel about use of a crate, ongoing medication, etc? Would you enjoy learning the techniques and bonding with Inga in this activity? *
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