Digital Launchpad Sponsorship for SMEs

Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD) in partnership with Africa118 is running a project aimed at equipping and supporting African SMEs to achieve and sustain success in their businesses by providing them with a comprehensive package of digital tools and expertise (Digital LaunchPad) to enhance their competitiveness and access global markets.

The program will offer over 3,000 SMEs in; Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana with:

●Financial literacy training
●Digital marketing training
●Investment readiness and venture building support
●Digital marketing campaign
●Professional website
● Professional email services (Google Workplace)
●E-commerce + payment integration
●Access to financing
●Accelerator program

To be among the selected SMEs, interested businesses are asked to fill the below eligibility form and Africa118 will reach out to them for the next steps - should they qualify

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What was your previous annual turnover/gross income in USD? Your 2020 business' gross income. Please provide an indication of your ANNUAL SALES(USD). To keep this information private we have provided a broad range of choices below. We assure you this will not be disclosed to any outside party but it is merely for indicative purposes of the target audience and potential target services *
If you are looking for FUNDING or CAPITAL RAISING SUPPORT, what is the proposed FUNDING amount(USD)? (Otherwise type N/A). This is your total funding need. *
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Once the one-year free package has elapsed, will you be willing and able to afford $200 for year 2 & $400 for year 3 to cater for the services which will be offered? *
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