Students Satisfaction Survey
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B. Information of the Institution based on Online Survey
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1. How will you rate the process of teaching in your institution? *
2. How will you rate the continuous evaluation in your institution? *
3. How is the quality of co-curricular and extra curricular activities? *
4. Is the curriculum prescribed by the university beneficial to you in getting employment *
5. Does  the institution arrange unit test, seminar, projects, presentation skill and personal interviews etc. for evaluation of the students? *
6. Does  the subject teacher communicate to you about your performance in the internal evaluation? *
7. Does the institution actively participate in students placement training, field Visit, study tours and industrial visits etc? *
8.  How is the quality of teaching learning process in your institution? *
9. Does the institution organize group discussion, open book test, quiz contest, exhibition, classroom seminar and workshop and other activities for development of teaching learning process? *
10. Does the subject teacher explain the concept by giving various examples and experiments? *
11. Is the system of teaching and guidance at your institution students centric? *
12. The institution provides opportunities for your personality development *
13. The teachers recognize your strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to fight against challenges in all levels. *
14. How are the rules and regulations maintained in your institution? *
15. The e-Learning systems such as PPT, ICT tools, Google meet, Google classroom, virtual classroom etc. are beneficial to you. *
16. Evaluate the infrastructure facilities provided by the Department of Physical Education. *
17. Evaluate the facilities such as library, laboratories, classrooms, drinking water etc. available in your institution. *
18. How will you rate the  canteen facility  available in the campus of the institution? *
19. How will you rate the quality of administration in your institution? *
20. The quality of teaching - learning process is maintained in your institution. *
21. Give your opinion or suggestions  to improve  the over all education process in your institution.
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