Token Sale Questionnaire
Welcome to Smith + Crown's token sale questionnaire! We take your project seriously and want to represent it accurately.

Response to this form is required to be listed on the Smith + Crown Token Sale Dashboard, found under the 'Token Sales' tab on our homepage. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. After we receive your response, we may reach out with additional questions.
Please note: we have recently implemented a policy change in token sale listing requests. Please acknowledge you are aware of it. *
In brief, due to the volume of token sale listing requests and urgent follow-up emails, we are charging projects for guaranteed processing of token sale listing requests within certain time frames. ( Pricing is as follows: - No fee: we will process your sale within 14 days - 0.5 ETH: we will process your sale within 7 days - 1 ETH: we will process your sale within 72 hours. Payment has no impact on whether we list your project, how long we list it for, or whether we write about it. We try to process all requests quickly, but we cannot guarantee it. At the end of the survey, we will ask for proof you have submitted payment--we will supply an ETH address. Please be prepared.
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