Southern Heritage Classic Media Credentials Request
If you would like media credentials to cover the football game on Saturday, September 14th please complete this form. Someone will contact you regarding your request. The deadline is Friday, August 24, 2019.
Name of Contact Person & Title: *
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Type of organization (check all that apply):
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Number of passes needed? Two maximum will be granted unless special permission is obtained: *
If you need more than two passes, please give a brief explanation below:
Names of the individuals who will be using passes and their titles: *
How would you like to obtain the passes? Pick up or mailed. If you want them mailed please give us the address and allow for a minimum of two weeks prior to the game for delivery.
Additional Information:
When you receive your credentials you will also be informed of what areas are open for media to park. Please be aware that you may be asked post game to provide a link or copy of the video, article, online information, etc. to the coverage that was published as a result of your gaining access to the event. Thank you.
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