Video Greeting Card: Holiday Dance
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This card will close with a holiday greeting referring to your family name or team name. For example, "Happy Holidays from The Smiths!", or "Merry Christmas from The Peterson Family", or "Happy Holidays from All of Us at ABC Company." Please let us know how you would like your family / team name and other elements to be represented in the greeting.
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How would you like your FAMILY / TEAM NAME to be used? (e.g. "The Marino Family" or "The Clarks" or "XYZ Office Supplies") *
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You will be contacted via email to collect photos for the family / team members who are going to appear in this video, with instructions on how to take the simple photos for the best results. You will also be able to select costumes for your participants. First, we just need to know how many participants there are.
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Here is where you tell us how you would like to publish your video greeting card. If you would like the video delivered to you so you can publish it yourself (on your own YouTube channel, or wherever you wish), let us know below. If you would rather we publish it in HD on our own YouTube channel and send you a private link for distribution, that's an option too.
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