American Rescue Plan ESSER Survey
Dear Elm Creek Families,

Elm Creek Schools has the opportunity to receive additional funds as part of the American Rescue Plan. These funds are in excess of $250,000 and can do a lot for our school. There are very specific guidelines to how we can spend the money. Below is a survey and information on the guidelines.

American Rescue Plan ESSER Survey

Under the American Rescue Plan, the school district will receive federal funds to help deal with the impact of COVID-19. These funds may be used for a wide range of activities. Regulations require the school district to seek stakeholder input from school district parents, students, staff, public, and others.

The United States Department of Education has released a Fact Sheet describing the way school districts can use their ARP funds:
How should the school district spend ARP funds to continuously and safely keep school open for in-person learning during the 21-22 school year?
The school district must spend 20% of its ARP funds on evidence-based interventions to combat lost learning and instructional time. Especially if you are a student, parent, guardian, or staff member, describe the academic impact of COVID-19.
Describe what the school district can do to help combat negative effects of COVID-19 academically.
Describe any other area(s) where you or your child feel you could use additional supports, such as social, emotional, mental health, and others.
The remaining ARP funds can be spent as outlined in the U.S. Department of Education document linked earlier. Please provide your feedback on where the school district should focus these resources.
If applicable to you, your student, or your family please provide feedback for how the school district can support students with disabilities, students of color, students from low-income families, English learners, homeless children, children in foster care, and migratory students.
The school district is considering replacing its HVAC system using ARP funds, which is one of the permitted uses in the ARP, do you support this use?
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What other feedback, if any, would you like to provide regarding the school district’s use of ARP funds allocated to it?
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