2018 South Pasadena All City Track Meet Entry Form
Sign up here for the All City Track Meet, to be held on Friday April 27, 2018 beginning at 4 pm.

STEP 1 of 2. FIRST complete this registration form for each student you are registering. Then return to the PTA shop page of the PTA website for STEP TWO to PAY for all students you are registering and any extra adult t-shirts ($5 each) using the PTA SHOP page. The link to pay is http://marengopta.org/shop/. Your payment covers the cost of the t-shirt each child participant will receive. To complete registration, you MUST ALSO VISIT the Marengo PTA Shop page to PAY for your child's registration at the link referenced above.

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One kid size tshirt included with reg. fee. There will be no consolation ribbons.
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Event Selection
Please select event(s) as directed below. 8 boys and 8 girls from each grade will also be selected for relay teams based on timed races during the school day over the week of April 16. We will automatically register the selected students for the relay team. This will be in addition to the events selected below. Relay teams will be posted on Friday morning, April 20th on the office doors.
GRADES K, 1, 2 Event Selection
GRADE 3 event selection
Choose up to 3 events
GRADES 4 & 5 event selection
Choose up to 3 events
BY CLICKING "YES" BELOW, I hereby grant my electronic signature to certify that my child is physically fit to compete in the South Pasadena All-City Track Meet. While he/she participates in the South Pasadena All-City Track Meet, I assume all risks, consequences and potential liability. By initialing the box below, the parent/guardian hereby releases and holds harmless the organizers of the meet, the South Pasadena PTA Council, The South Pasadena Unified School District, or any of its employees, agents, volunteers, or any person, firm, or corporation charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability from any and all claims by reason of accident, illness, or death or other consequences arising or resulting from participating in the South Pasadena All-City Track Meet.
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