2018-2019 Elders in Motion Application for Support
Apply for the Elders in Motion support if you are interested in delivering and sustaining a safe, engaging and culturally appropriate recreational program for older adults in your community.

What will we do for you?
• Help you plan the program and offer ongoing support;
• Offer training and workshops so leaders understand what activities are appropriate and safe for Elders;
• Work with community groups to help organize an Elders in Motion Committee;
• Offer tips and suggestions from other NWT Elders programs;
• Identify way to access funding; and
• Can work with you to obtain future funding to help ensure that the program continues.

• The applicant must plan, organize and deliver a recreational program for Older Adults;
• Organizers must be willing to participate in:
- The Initial Elders in Motion Introduction and Planning meeting
- The Active Living Exercise Program
- The Balls and Balance workshops
• The Older Adult recreational program must plan to meet at least until March 2019 with plans to continue thereafter;
• The successful applicant will be asked to submit a simple final report and respond to corresponding surveys;
• Priority will be given to groups that have not already received Elders in Motion support.

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Briefly describe your objectives for the Elders in Motion program you plan to organize. *
Refer to the type of training, target group, program type, types of facilities you intend to use and training you already have.
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