Course Request Change
The district deadline to request a schedule was Monday, August 6th at 4:00 pm. For more information please see page 14 of the course catalog.

The changes being made at this point are schedule corrections only and are listed below:
-Senior not in a graduation required class
-Student doesn't have the prereq for a course they are in
-In a course they already have credit for
-Data entry error (ie two first periods, in the wrong gender sport, etc.)
-Student dismissed from a program and needs to replace those courses (ie dropping a sport)

If you fall into the corrections category, please email your counselor right away. Schedules will be available on TxConnect, Tuesday the 14th and students will receive a printed copy on the first day of school.

If you wish to take a PreAP or AP course instead of on level, please make sure you have done the summer assignment and email your counselor to request the change. To level down, students may request that change after the first progress report.

We are no longer accepting schedule change requests except for those listed above.

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