Do you have a Linchpin job?
We have a strong and mighty list of interesting, passionate people who are seeking to level up. They're eager to find organizations and leaders that are ready to make work personal again, to do work worth doing.

But our list is not a cheap way to reach a lot of people with a pretty good job at a decent wage.

A Linchpin job is specific. It requires an attitude and a skillset that's not easy to find. It relies on the passion and commitment of the person you hire, someone who will seek to do more, not less.

A Linchpin job requires someone who will lead, connect and truly care about the work to be done... and repays her with freedom, responsibility and dignity.

If that sounds like what you have in mind, thanks for checking this out.

Right now, this is a free service all around, so forgive us if it takes more than a day to get back to you.

Please answer all the questions below. And thanks for caring enough to do the kind of work that needs a Linchpin.

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