HomeQuest Registration Form
Please fill in all sections of this registration form to complete enrolment in HomeQuest. This form must be completed and returned before the first session. You will not be allowed to take part without a form.

If you have any questions, or need help completing this form, please contact francesca.cross@artsdepot.co.uk.
Young Participant Registration Details
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Please give details of any medical conditions or access requirements we need to be aware of (e.g. additional educational needs, asthma, allergies etc). *
artsdepot asks Participants for information about medical conditions and access requirements so that we can create the best projects for everyone. If you tell us about any special needs that you have, we can support you better during workshops. We will always keep this information confidential. If not applicable please mark N/A.
Please give details of anything else you think artsdepot should be aware of (e.g. being collected by a relative, temporary injury etc). *
If not applicable please mark N/A.
Person with Parental Responsibility & Emergency Contact
This section should be completed by the Person with Parental Responsibility.
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Terms and Conditions
Participants are expected to attend all sessions wherever possible as the group will be working towards a final outcome. If a Participant is unable to attend a session please inform artsdepot as soon as possible by contacting Francesca on francesca.cross@artsdepot.co.uk.

Participants must follow artsdepot's guidelines for working online which will be shared with them after signing up.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Francesca on francesca.cross@artsdepot.co.uk.
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