2020 H4H Fall Festival Fundraiser Interest Survey
Youth Leads, Youth Committee Members, & Adult Mentors Needed!

- Have fun!
- Meet new people
- Fill some of your time this summer
- Build skills in the area that interest you most
- Earn community service hours
- Create an Awesome Community Event!!

The project team for this fundraising event will be organized in a fashion to mimic a functioning event planning/production company with the end product being an entertaining, fun, and family friendly Fall Festival (think Apple Hill in EDH). The goals for this project are to raise funds, build leadership skills, and have fun.

Youth leads will be in charge of each committee. Each committee will be in charge of and responsible for a different part of the project. Committees will be made up of students (ages 12-18) from El Dorado & Sacramento Counties, and each will have at least one adult mentor. Team choices are: Operations & Finance, Games & Activities, Marketing & Fundraising, and Volunteer Management.

OPERATIONS & FINANCE - will be in charge layout, ticket sales, ticket prices, food booths, permits, set-up plan, tear-down plan, etc. There will be a Finance Sub-committee as part of Operations that will work to establish budgets, manage project finances ($$), work with operations on determining money boxes and cash needed for event, as well as other forms of payment that will be accepted; system for picking up money throughout the day and safely storing it; creating final financial summary for event

GAMES & ACTIVITIES - will be in charge of identifying and organizing all aspects of games and activities that will be a part of the Fall Festival

MARKETING & FUNDRAISING - will be in charge of creating and implementing a marketing plan. They will also work to identify and secure sponsors and fulfill promotional promises made to sponsors. This team will be in charge of designing and printing all promotional material including but not limited to posters, postcards, social media ads, etc.

VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT - will work with the Operations and Games & Activities Teams to determine the number of volunteers needed, youth and adult, age limitations, skills needed, etc. This team will be responsible for setting shift times, recruiting volunteers, and will determine if/when breaks should be and what refreshments should be made available for volunteers, acquiring what is needed. They will create “participant expectations” and will run a training session, in cooperation with operations, if needed. In addition, this team will be responsible for organizing a post event celebration party for the those who are a part of the organizing teams noted here.
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