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Lutheran Campus Ministry Awards
The James R. Carr Distinguished Service Award. Campus Pastors and Ministers who exhibit the spirit of the Distinguished Service Award are those who demonstrate excellence in ministry, foster engagement with others, have an adventuresome enthusiasm for travel abroad, and exude a passion for integrating a wider worldview into their local ministries.

The Philip N. Knutson Award for Creativity or Risk-Taking. The Knutson Award lifts up either creativity or risk-taking in campus ministry. Campus Pastors and Ministers who demonstrate a love of the arts, an ability to incorporate the arts into ministry, and/or an ability to name and affirm the creative gifts of others match the spirit of this award. Alternately, Campus Pastors or Ministers who have demonstrated the ability to take risks in ministry, to speak publicly on controversial issues of importance, and/or challenge the church through advocacy for the marginalized also match the spirit of this award.

The Joseph A. Sittler Award for Excellence in Writing. The Joseph A. Sittler Award recognizes those Campus Pastors and Campus Ministers who have written for the wider church and community from the perspective of campus ministry through printed or electronic media. In 1977 he challenged us to write, saying that, “I think that you do not speak back to the church enough, or clearly enough, out of your own extraordinary experience. . . . I trust that you will become more articulate, perceptive, and ardent constructive critics within the church.”

The Sue E. Rothmeyer Advocacy for Campus Ministry Award was established in 2017 to recognize individuals who faithfully advance the work of campus ministry by amplifying its importance and value to the broader church and society.

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Submission Deadline is June 15th, 2018

The LuMin Board will select recipients from nominations received.

Nominations will be collected by Don Romsa, ELCA Program Director for Campus Ministry.
The LuMin Board will select recipients from nominations received.

Contact Don with questions at

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