P2C Brampton Reading Week Road Trip 2019
Welcome to the Brampton Reading Week Road Trip form!

We will be accepting applications until: FEBRUARY 1st, 2019

IMPORTANT: After you have filled out and submitted this form, we will take the time to read your answers and get back to you within one week with a confirmation. We may have further questions or concerns to address with you. Note: submitting a filled-out form does not automatically qualify you to come on this trip.


Come to Brampton and embrace a truly multicultural campus this reading week! See how God is at work here, learn more about engaging Hindu’s, Muslims, & Sikhs, share your faith, and meet new friends.

Monday February 18th - Friday, February 22nd
Arrive by 5pm on Monday for the first team dinner. You will be free to leave anytime after our celebration dinner on Friday.

You will arrange your own travel to and from Brampton (carpooling, bus, train, etc). We can meet you when you arrive if you like. We will travel on public transit or carpool to and from campus throughout the week. If you would be planning to bring a car for the week, please indicate that on the form.

You will be staying in homes of P2C staff, and volunteers along with other students on the trip. Bring a sleeping bag or blankets, a pillow, and possibly an air mattress (please let us know if you have one that you can bring).

We will provide some basic breakfast food to get you started, and there will be time for you to go grocery shopping if you would like to. Lunches and some dinners will be eaten out in groups with team members. If you have severe dietary restrictions or allergies, consider bringing some of your own food.

Schedule of the week:
In general, early mornings have been set aside for a mix of training, prayer, free time, and transportation. Later mornings and afternoons will be on-campus ministry at the Sheridan Brampton College campus, and evenings will be a time for celebration, dinner, and time for hanging out as a team. There will be enough free time in the schedule for you to rest, do some studying, or just have fun!

- $50 per person, which you will pay when you arrive. (to cover some food, snacks, potentially transit)
You will pay out of your own pocket for lunches on campus, optional team activities, and transportation to and from Brampton.

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How long have you been involved with Power to Change? *
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Which P2C staff or student leader from your campus could be a reference for you? Who, in a position of leadership on your campus, knows you best? (Provide name and email) *
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Expectations Agreement
Expectations for the 2018 Brampton Reading Week Road Trip


1. Come with a servant heart prepared to trust Jesus, walk in the Spirit, take opportunities to get out of your comfort
zone, meet other people, share the Gospel, and grow in your relationship with God.

2. You don't have to be an "expert evangelist" to come on the trip, however we will be doing ministry on campus for
several hours each day as a team. We expect you to have desire to grow in sharing your faith, and that you would
take steps to grow in this area before, during, and after the trip.

3. Be open to learning about South Asian culture, and religions.

4. Participate and engage in organized group activities to grow in community.

5. Represent well Power to Change and Christ while you are here.

6. Be safe and have fun!

Check below to indicate you've read and agree with the above expectations *
Forms to be filled out by you: *
You MUST read and sign the electronic forms, which Power to Change requires all Road Trip participants to do. The electronic forms are found HERE: https://app.hellosign.com/s/8a84ad7c If you are under the age of 19, just fill out the forms the best you can. We will send you the Participant Waiver Form of Right and Release as well as a Parental Consent form by email for you to print and for your parents/guardians to sign. You will get instructions by email once we receive the rest of your registration.
Thank you for taking the time to fill this form out, BUT remember: you aren't fully registered yet. We will review your answers, and then send a confirmation email within one week. Please check that you understand or contact us with your questions. *
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