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Since starting out as a personal blog in January 2013, Lifegiva has grown organically to impact hundred of thousands Millennials and Gen Z from almost all countries of the world with our blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, LifeGiva radio (which is coming back in a different and more exciting way) and merchandise store.

The goal for Lifegiva has always been to make edifying content popular and appealing to millennials and Gen Z. We want to build a Christian media company that will take back the narratives of conversations that have been shaped by sources with sensual and destructive motives, one that will be cool, excellent, relatable and sound.

We have done this on a small scale, we have seen how much impact is possible if we go all out, but we can't do this alone. We need your help in different forms.

First, you are automatically a #Lifegiva, the name for our inner circle community. What that means is that you get to know our plans before it's public and you become a part of the decisions.

But we want to have you do more and take more specific and impactful role. Thus, we have highlighted areas we need help and where you can come in.

Kindly fill this form and fill/pick the only areas you are interested in.

Thanks ❤️
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