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As a graduate of “Metallurgical Engineering Department” how will you justify following statements.
1: Unsatisfactory 2: Satisfactory 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent
PLO-1: Engineering Knowledge
Q.1 The course scheme comprises pre-requisite knowledge. *
PLO-2: Problem Analysis
Q.2 The student became aware of using new tools and instruments for problem solutions. *
PLO-3: Design/ Development of Solutions
Q.3 The program develops critical thinking for research and development. *
PLO-4: Investigation
Q.4 The complex engineering problems and hand on labs are successfully done in the departmental laboratories. *
PLO-5: Modern Tool Usage
Q.5 The advance characterization tools are available and accessible for the students. *
PLO-6: The Engineer & Society
Q.6 The program gives awareness of the impact of engineering activities in a global and societal context. *
PLO-7: Environment & Sustainability
Q.7 The program develops skills to link theory with practical approach. *
PLO-8: Ethics
Q.8 The program develops ethical and professional responsibilities in a student. *
PLO-9: Individual and Team Work
Q.9 The program induces individual as well as team work abilities. *
PLO-10: Communication
Q.10 The Project based learning course provides excellent leadership and communication skills. *
PLO-11: Project Management
Q.11 The Final Year Project based Learning creates project management strategies. *
PLO-12: Life Long Learning
Q.12 The courses designed motivate an individual towards lifelong learning. *
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