CMT MetroLink Monitor Survey
Thank you for helping CMT keep St. Louis' transit system as clean and well-maintained as possible. Below is a list of items that will help us keep track of the station's appearance and maintenance schedule. Please fill out as much as possible. Thanks for your help!
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Station Reviewed *
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Date/Time *
Overall Station Cleanliness *
Trash Clean Up *
Station Maintenance *
Cleanliness of Park-Ride lot (if applicable)
Maintenance of the Park-Ride lot (if applicable)
Are the Escalators/Elevators in working order? *
Are all the ticket vending machines in working order? *
If no, how many ticket vending machines were working?
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Are the trash containers clean and do they have lids? *
If the trash containers were not clean, what was the condition?
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Was there visible security on the platform while you were there? *
What type of security was visible on/around the platform? *
If no security were visible, did you feel safe?
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Did a security officer or fare inspector check for valid fares for those entering the platform? *
Is there a marked/painted pedestrian crossing convenient to the station? *
At the closest intersection, does pushing the crosswalk signal change the traffic light? *
Do all the validators work? *
If all the validators do not work, how many were broken?
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Do all the call boxes work? *
If yes, did you speak with an operator?
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Please provide us with other comments you might have concerning the appearance, operation, and security of the station.
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