Make a Coin Competition

You can find all information on our medium page in the link below:

To join the Competition:
1. ) Fill this form as much as you can.
2.) You will get an email with this form.
3.) Make a video or article
4.) In the email you can edit this form, so add the required information.
5.) Wait
6.) Winners will have their 2Key tokens have sent to their the user accounts.
7.) Claim 2key after TGE.


To get higher points, you need to make a high-quality piece and claim a lot of bonus points. The person with the highest points will get $500; second place will receive $416.67; third place will receive $347.2.
Fourth Place: $289.3
Fifth Place: $241.1
Sixth Place: $200.9

Bonus Points:

Product Explanation Factors:
- 200 points for the most complete review.
- 250 points for the best explanation of the 2key Network’s referral game theory. Just give your view on how each referral reward option will impact people’s decision on who to share links to, whether some options will encourage more people, and whether a particular option will encourage more high-quality referrers.
- 250 points for the best explanation of 2key Network’s reputation system, which ensures link spam leads to penalties.
- 1,000 points for discussing a feature that no one else discussed; e.g. integration of an integrator like Civic (KYC service provider).

Exposure Factors:

- 500 points for the longest link sharing tree; the more people you share to, the longer your link tree becomes.
- 500 points for the longest link sharing chain; the more people that forward your link, the bigger than the chain becomes. This involves others passing your link to others rather than you passing it to many people yourself. Of course, passing your link to many people grows the odds of finding people who share it onwards to their social circle.
- 1,000 points for most successful token sale. You’re making your own token so others can participate in your token sale by sending you Ropsten ETH, which is Test-Net ETH that can be acquired here: Be sure to change MetaMask from Main-Net Ethereum to Ropsten Test-Net; this ETH is not real.
- 200 points for 500+ Telegram views. Sharing your content will help you accumulate bonus points by giving your link more exposure. Specifically, content that is shared on telegram channels and manages to get 500 views will get 200 points.

Creative Factors:

- 500 points for the best designed token sale page.
- 500 points for the best content from each specific language. If you’re fluent in a language other than English, then use your competitive advantage.
The total prize is $3,000 in 2KEY tokens. The tokens will be credited to the account you used to participate in this competition.
There will be 25 winners, but the reward distribution is very heavy on the top-side as we want to encourage you to make the best tutorial! The few people with the highest points will take most of the 2KEY.
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