March - April 2020

Please complete this application to register your details to stay with Momentom. You will have the option to pay your deposit to hold your booking once our team has processed your application.

All reservations will only be confirmed with the payment of a deposit.

5 and under = 75% off
6 - 11 years old = 50% off
12 and older = Regular price

*must be in private room under supervision of parental guardian. Not children to stay in Momentom dorms.
** Please request discount codes for booking children by replying to the confirmation email on receipt of your application submission.

***** IMPORTANT *****
Please look for your confirmation email when you submit this form to make sure it does not end up in the PROMOTIONS or SPAM folder. Please immediately move to INBOX so that you receive our response when we process your application.

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Thank you for your application. We will be in touch within the next week!
- Momentom is a skill-sharing platform for creatives and entrepreneurs. Part of the magic is to be both the teacher and the student, you will have the opportunity to attend and/ or teach workshops on business, passion or art.

- The Branding Package is a full coaching, marketing, website and social media package for creative entrepreneurs looking to start their business in the creative field. We accept only 5 a year and we prioritize residents. Please apply before residency to obtain 500$ off.

- If you are accepted into the residency, you will have 1 week to provide a deposit

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