2019 FALL Footlights Broadway Youth Choir
Thank you for helping us prepare for the Fall session of our brand new Footlights Broadway Youth Choir! This form is REQUIRED of every participant, so we can make sure to select appropriate repertoire and plan for a great experience.

For more information on the ensembles, check the Face Academy of Music website at http://www.faceacademyofmusic.com.

After filling out this form, if you haven't paid, you'll see a link to our online store where you can complete registration. You are not registered until you fill out this form AND submit payment. Thank you!

Questions? Email admin@faceacademyofmusic.com.

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For balance purposes, some singers may be asked to sing a different voice part other than their initial request. If you'd be open to that, what other voice part is the singer capable of that you would you consider? *
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