CRE Spring Input Survey-We want to know more about your thoughts and input on your child's education for the 2019-2020 school year.
How can we improve Cedar Ridge Elementary School in the 2019-2020 school year?
Please give us your input to improve Cedar Ridge Elementary School, Title I, budget, and our School-Wide Plan for school year 2019-2020. Please let us know about the areas we are successful, and the areas needing improvement. CRE is a Title I School, and all Title I benefits/funds are applied to every child at our school to support their education.

*** Any district with a Title I Allocation exceeding $500,000 is required by law to set aside 1% of it’s Title I allocation for parental involvement. Columbia County’s Title I FY18 Allocation was $2,498,656 for the 2018-2019 school year. 1% of the funds set-aside for parent involvement is $24,986.
Each Title I school receives a per pupil amount of the $24,986 to implement school-level parental involvement. CRE receives approx.$1795 in funds to support student success. The majority of the funds are budgeted for a stipend for the parent engagement coordinator, take home materials for Learning Express Night, Milestone Saturday Academy. Parent input is required to establish how the 1% and carry over funds are to be spent with in our school. Let us know if you have any other ideas on how we should spend the funds.

Parents are asked to help give input in the following areas: Welcoming All Families, Title I Budget, Communication, Decision Making/Advocacy, Family Nights (Literacy & Math Nights), School-Parent Compacts (which are agreements between parents, students and teachers), and the Parent and Family Engagement Plan.
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1. Title I Budget (see above **): I would like to see our Title I funds spent:
We need to improve the way we use Title I funds.
The way we use Title I funds is excellent.
2. The School-Parent Compact is an agreement signed at the start of each school year by the student, parent, and teacher/admin. What would you like students, parents & teachers agree to do to ensure student success?
Compact needs improvement
Compact is excellent
3. Communication (2-Way communication, Newsletter, Social Media, Messenger, Remind, etc.): What works? What needs improvement? How do you communicate best?
4. How often does your child's teacher communicate with you about your child's progress?
Communication needs improvement
Communication is excellent
5. Parent Engagement & Volunteering: How do you recommend getting parents in the classroom? In what areas would you like to see volunteers?
Improvement needed for volunteers
Volunteers utilized in an excellent way
6. What type of parent workshops would be most beneficial in supporting your child's academic success at CRE? *
7. CRE Parent Coordinator: How can the parent coordinator be a resource to you?
Parent Coordinator can be more helpful.
Parent Coordinator is extremely helpful
8. Our Parent and Family Engagement Plan invites all to sharing power through joint decision making and advocating for every child. What would you like to see added to the Parent and Family Engagement Plan?
I do not feel like I am a partner in decision-making
I feel like I am a full partner in decision making.
9. Collaborating with the Community- How can we use our community resources to strengthen our school? Do you know of a business or community?
Our school needs improvement collaborating with the community.
Our school is excellent at collaborating with the community.
10. Do you feel welcome at Cedar Ridge Elementary School? Do you have any comments, suggestions or questions? Please provide your email below if you have a question.
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