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Sarah Himes and Dawn Reardanz have felt lead to start a prayer ministry during our Sunday morning services. In looking on the internet for some ideas on how to describe a prayer ministry there are some very fancy words out there. “The Prayer Ministry exists to lift up in prayer and intercession all people so that the light of life might shine in their hearts for the glory of God. It is our expectation that all ministries and all people be undergirded in prayer so that the power of the Holy Spirit will be active and flowing like rivers of living water. Our desire is to provide opportunity for all to be active in this life-changing “greater work” and to “pray without ceasing.” “ Undergirded, that is such an awesome word. But we don’t need those fancy words to talk to God. We can come to him just as we are and with the words we always use. On Sunday mornings, we are going to make a concentrated effort to do what the fancy words say, pray for people. With our words, not aloud, just between us and God. Their goal is to have a couple of people, each week during service, to be dismissed when the children are, after the children’s sermon. There will be a quiet, comfortable place to go to pray. There will be a list of prayer requests, some guided prayers, and ideas to what to pray for. And we will pray. For our family, for our church, for our community, for our country, and for our world. We will “undergird” them in prayer. Sign up below for a few Sundays to pray this quarter.
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