Polished Pearl Veil Line Sheet/Order Form
Our veils are made by amazing survivors of human trafficking.
Our tulle is high quality, formaldehyde free, and super soft.
We usually ship within a couple of days from our stock in the USA.
Our prices are great and quality is even better!

Katie Veils are a silky thicker tulle that lays really beautifully.
Wendy Veils are a light soft tulle that you can still see all the back gown detail through.
Our Patty Veil beautifully frames and gives drama with its wide width and Cathedral length.
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K1-1 Katie Cathedral
K1-2 Katie Fingertip
K1-3 Katie Chapel
P1-1 Patty Wide Cathedral
W1-1 Wendy Cathedral
W1-2 Wendy Fingertip
W1-3 Wendy Chapel
W1-1E Wend Eucalyptus
W1-1S Wendy Shell
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K1-3 Katie Chapel Veil 45in x 85in Wholesale $35
W1-3 Wendy Chapel Veil 45in x 85in Wholesale $35
K1-2 Katie Fingertip Veil 45in x42in $30 Wholesale
W1-2 Wendy Fingertip Veil 45in X 42in Wholesale $30
K1-1 Katie Cathedral Veil 45in x 108in Wholesale $40
P1-1 Patty Cathedral Veil 108in x 108in $45 Wholesale
W1-1 Wendy Cathedral Veil 45in x 108in Wholesale $40
W1-1E Wendy Cathedral Eucalyptus Print 45in x 108in Wholesale $50
W1-1S Wendy Cathedral Shell Print 45in x108in Wholesale $50
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