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About The Seva Grant
Trineo’s Seva Grant is open to organisations who have objectives that directly or indirectly improves biodiversity. Trineo recognises that there are a lot of ways to positively impact our planet, and for the 2021 grant we are focussed on improving biodiversity.

The Seva Grant is suited to an organi[zs]ation that has:
-A project already in mind, with executive-level support, and
-Internal expertise to take ownership of the solution once built, and the engagement has finished.

The Seva Grant is a co-investment, where we expect applicants to provide some funding for the outcome they wish to achieve.

Our intention with this is to ensure that everyone concerned is motivated to participate and deliver something of value. The extent of co-investment is dependent on your organisation, we don’t wish to be overly prescriptive about this … it’s the intent which matters.

Our aim is to review your submission and follow up with you within five business days. We very much look forward to hearing from you.
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