Ashley Suzanne's Snail Mail List
Like the next person, I love getting fun emails from my favorite people, but even more than that, I love and I mean LOVE getting mail ... real live mail that I can hold in my hand, see someone's handwriting, and open something I know isn't a bill or another notice to sign up for some sort of cable or internet service. I love knowing that someone took the time out of their day to send me a letter, a note or a card ... it's one of the greatest gifts, in my own crazy opinion. I actually have an entire corkboard dedicated to all of you over the years who have sent me letters ... some from readers, some from authors, some from friends, some from people I no longer speak to, but each time I look at that wall, I get flooded with memories of how wonderful my life is and how, if even for the brief time it took someone to hand write on a card, I was special. And I want to make you all feel special. Obviously, my postage budget isn't large enough to send EVERYONE a special something in the mail, but I'd like to try .. .and that's my 2016 resolution ... to make you all feel as amazing as you make me feel ... so if you want silly little things in the real mail, fill out the form <3
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