FFXIV RP Event Submission
Have a roleplay event you'd like added to the FFXIV RP Event Calendar? Have an event to report as repeatedly empty or containing material not suitable for this calendar?

Fill out this form and it will be updated to the Event Calendar's posts, https://ffxiv-rp.org, and reported on the FFXIV RP Event Bot.

The primary focus of the event MUST be Roleplay within FFXIV.  
If the format of your event is focused on twitch, or OOC interaction, please contact us via email and we can point you to better places to list your event.  This is not a place to list OOC night clubs or AFK hangouts.

The event MUST be open to the ENTIRE server.
Events primarily focused on an external site will not be listed.

If your event is NOT open to everyone then it will not be put  on the calendar. Some events have signups, but as long as they are open and not limited to just a few people the event will be added to the calendar.  

Things that are explicitly forbidden to reference in your advertisement:
- Real world drug references*
- Sex or sexually related services
- Selling of slaves, sexual or otherwise
- Real money trading (RMT)**
- Real world discriminatory speech
- Defamation or harassment of other players/real world entities.

Things that are explicitly forbidden to take place in a listed event.
- Selling of slaves, sexual or otherwise.
- Selling of sex or sexually related services.
- Promotion of real world drug use.*
- Promotion of real world illegal activity.*
- Real money trading (RMT).**

* References to in-game drugs and in game drug analogues are fine.  Read: sommus dens are fine.  
Promotion if in-game analogues to illegal activity are fine.  IE: Talking about burning down a noble in Ishgard is ok.  Talking about burning down a real life location is not ok.
** This includes links to off site advertisements selling 'runs', 'items', or gold for real world donations/payments/etc.  This also includes gil raffles or sales for mogstation gift codes. Things like Art commissions fall into out of game money for out of game services and are fine.

These restrictions apply to the site on which your event is advertised.  An exception will be made for mass media sites like Tumblr.  This restriction only applies to your Tumblr, not the entire Tumblr site.  If your FC / Group / personal media site contains restricted/forbidden material, you can easily get around this by creating an event specific site on a service such as carrd or a post on a site similar to the Hydaelyn Roleplayers site.

The ESRB rating can be cross checked against: https://www.esrb.org/ratings/ratings_guide.aspx any events found abusing this to try and knowingly sneak adult only events into a lower rating for more visibility may be permanently delisted from the calendar without warning.

Some examples of ESRB Ratings:
    Teen: This covers many of our events. Most performances, taverns, most fight clubs, blitzball, and 90% of our edge cases.
    Mature: Anything covering topics suitable for mature audiences goes here. This covers things like burlesque shows (no-nudity), music performances with crass language or sexual topics (no actual sexual content), and fight clubs that promote realistic violence instead of just sparring. Events involving certain taboo topics may go here as well, drugs (in game versions only), murder, dark content, etc.
    Adult Only: The Adult Only rating for events with actual sexual content, graphic violence, and/or real world drug references.  Note: Due to legal issues, sadly, these will not be promoted in any shape or form.

By submitting an event you are agreeing to the spirit of the rules above, not just the letter.  
Please direct any questions to FFXIV.RP.Events@gmail.com.

Please note:  These get updated usually on Sunday evening.  If you are adding an event for this week after Sunday, please contact us at FFXIV.RP.Events@gmail.com, in discord, or in game.

Legal GDPR required notes:  
All personally identifiable non-public facing information submitted in this form will be discarded promptly after completion of the event submission.  Personally identifiable information is the below entered email address, a one way hash of certain browser request information as well as anything voluntarily submitted within the 'Optional Comments' entry at the end of this submission process. If this submission requires investigation of an event, depending on the event recurrence schedule this may take a period of up to two months before investigation is completed.

Abuse of this form will result in identifying information being kept for a period of up to three years in the form of a series of HMAC-SHA256 one way hashes that cannot be converted back to human readable text.

If you do not wish this information to be captured as described above, please close this browser window  window at this time.  Information is not captured until the submit button at the end of the process is clicked.

Removal of public facing information can be requested via using the Removal Request notice of this form or by contacting FFXIV.RP.Events@gmail.com.
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