PSAT 10 and SAT SCHOOL DAY- Student Data Consent Form
The Colorado Department of Education is offering all Colorado public school students in 10th grade a chance to take the PSAT™ 10 and in 11th grade the SAT®. These assessments are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards and measure the skills and knowledge needed for college and career readiness.

The College Board, the provider of the SAT Suite of Assessments, provides a number of structures to support students’ and their families’ ability to connect to key opportunities available to them. As such, the College Board gives students and families complete discretion regarding the additional, voluntary information they disclose beyond the minimum needed to register and score our assessments. Prior to testing, students taking these exams will participate in a pre-administration session to:
-Complete required student information needed for scoring,
-Participate in the optional questionnaire

The required information covers the basics (name, school, state student ID, grade, sex, and date of birth) needed to score your test. If taking the SAT, students also have a chance to choose up to four colleges or scholarship programs to share their SAT scores with for free. Score sends are optional, but we strongly encourage students to share their scores to demonstrate their interest in their chosen schools.

To participate in the optional questionnaire portion of the pre-administration session, students must submit this signed consent form.

The questionnaire asks about you and your interests. This information is used for group reporting, for analysis to ensure the exams are fair for all groups, to connect you with potential colleges or scholarship opportunities, and for research.

A primary benefit of completing the optional questionnaire is to opt in to Student Search Service®, which connects you to college and scholarship opportunities that reflect your interests. If you choose to participate in the optional questionnaire, the data you provide will be added to your College Board student record, even if you choose not to participate in Student Search Service.

Your responses:
-Give counselors and college admission officers information to help you plan for the future. The more information you give, the more assistance they can give to you.
-Provide information to the College Board that is used to ensure the PSAT 10 and SAT are fair and accurate tests for all students.
-Are used by the College Board for research and planning to improve tests and services.
-Contribute―when combined with responses of all other students taking the PSAT 10 or SAT―to an understanding of
your graduating class. This lets colleges and universities deliver programs and opportunities to serve you and your classmates.

The College Board only shares data with eligible colleges and universities and scholarship and other educational programs
that signed a license agreement, by which the College Board can consistently monitor these organizations’ use of student information for compliance. Student scores are not shared through Student Search Service. You may cancel your participation in Student Search Service at any time. To be clear, completion of the optional questionnaire and participation in Student Search Service are optional and voluntary for all students. Review the Colorado PSAT 10 or SAT School Day
Student Guide for more information. You can also learn more in the College Board Privacy Policy at See page 3 for the information that will be collected on your answer sheet. Review the optional questions to determine if you wish to respond to them. After reviewing, submit the completed form to your school. Your teacher will identify the optional questions during the pre-administration session, and you will receive instructions again when you complete the questionnaire.

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