Hope Tank Community Space Rental
Hope Tank is a micro business that seeks to connect people to meaningful work that they can amplify for real and lasting impact in our community. That impact could be with a nonprofit, a community project, a micro business, or a local initiative.

We are excited to have a space now that allows us to host small gatherings that can further education, connections, and collaborations. We look forward to hosting your event! Panel discussions, book groups, board meetings, small group work, art/craft classes, and body movement classes work great in the space. 

Capacity: We can host your groups of up to around 30 seated in panel style, working groups of about 15 seated with tables, and standing events of up to about 35 comfortably. We have a TV with hdmi hookup, white boards, and sturdy tables that can accommodate projects with heavy items. 

We extend a 10% discount in the Hope Tank gift shop to anyone using our space as well as their event attendees.

The suggested rate for our space rental is $50/hr, which allows us to staff and run the space. If you are serving food or allowing folks to bring food, we require a $50 deposit to be refunded at the end of the event. If you have budget restrictions and want to discuss options, let us know in your narrative.

This form will help us determine if Hope Tank is a good fit for your event, and we will follow up ASAP!
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