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Partnering with you for a successful independent life!
Creating a partnership with the people in your life is key to having successful relationships. Navigating the space between dependency on others and independence can create stormy waters. Having a "Partnership" with an experienced coach who has been there, done that, supports successful outcomes for all involved and keeps important relationships from being wrecked in the process can be extremely helpful. I look forward to our partnership in this journey toward your happy confident, successful you!
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Do you find the people (young or more "mature" :) in your life are consistently overly intrusive? *
Are you struggling to figure out who you are or what you are "supposed" to be doing with your life, all while juggling a ton of responsibilities? *
Is understanding, creating and cultivating relationships with friends and family and knowing how to maintain healthy boundaries a challenge for you? *
Does your relationship with friends, family or sig other suck? *
Is your relationship with a sig other/friends and family non-existent? *
Does the thought of living in an over crowded nest (aka home) terrify you? *
Parent: Does redirecting your resources to your own needs and interests sound refreshing? or Millennial: Does being able to support yourself, your lifestyle and your responsibilities in a way that budgets and creates security inspire you to get your butt in gear? *
Which one of these describes your current attention to your physical health? *
Tired of the same ol' scene and want to create some fun that fits your budget and creates Healthy lifestyle choices? *
Do you know enough that you don't know enough and would like some guidance to find the resources that will assist you and/or your young adult toward a more independent lifestyle? *
Are you asking yourself the aged old questions: Who am I in relation to everything, and how and why am I here? *
If you answered yes or sometimes to any of the above questions, tell me a little more about yourself and perhaps what spurred you to answer this questionnaire. *
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There are several key life areas that both operate independently and at times overlap. Which area or areas do you find challenge you the most? *
What is the best way and time to reach you? *
Who is the decision maker and who will be making this investment? *
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