The Mindful Millennial
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Do you find the "adults" in your life are consistently overly intrusive?
Are you struggling to figure out who you are what you are "supposed" to be doing with your life while juggling your life path.
Is understanding, creating and cultivating relationships with friends and family and knowing how to maintain healthy boundaries a challenge for you?
Does your relationship with your sig other suck?
Is your relationship with a sig other non-existent?
Does the thought of living in your parent's basement indefinitely terrify you?
Does being able to support yourself, your lifestyle and your responsibilities in a way that budgets and creates security inspire you to get your butt in gear?
Which one of these describes your current attention to your physical health?
Tired of the same ol' scene and want to create some fun that fits your budget and creates Healthy lifestyle choices?
Do you know enough that you don't know enough and would like some guidance to find the resources that will assist your new independent lifestyle?
Are you asking yourself the aged old questions: Who am I in relation to everything, and how and why am I here?
If you answered yes or sometimes to any of the above questions, tell me a little more about yourself and perhaps what spurred you to answer this questionnaire.
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There are several key life areas that both operate independently and at times overlapping. Which area or areas do you find you struggle to create order in the most?
What is the best way and time to reach you?
Is there anything more you'd like to tell me or ask?
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