Well hello there! Thank you for reaching out to me to help bring your visions to life! IT'S AN HONOR!

So to answer some questions:
- My rate is $45 per HOUR on everything
- I am accepting Paypal and CashApp
- You are more than welcome to pay upfront if you have the funds available now, or you can wait until I'm done
- Make sure you read the rules at the end! (it might seem scary, but it's really simple)

CURRENTLY I'm ONLY accepting single subject commissions (one character) with a minimal background. If you ask for multiple characters make sure to explain that you KNOW I'm only accepting single subject commissions but you have a really good reason why you think I should take the extra time on your piece. (No harm in asking, but if I can't or don't want to do it I'll let you know).

When your commission is up, I will be notifying you via the contact method you provided.

It might end up in your spam folder so make sure the 2nd form of contact is NOT SET TO PRIVATE 

Please respond to the emails and/or DM's a quickly as possible because I have a LOT of these to get through (again, thank you) and I don't like making you all wait longer than you need to.

I WILL ALWAYS EMAIL YOU when getting close to your commission, whether I accept your commission or not. You will not be ignored or left on "read". HOWEVER I get quite a lot of these and it may take me a month or more to email you. If your commission has a deadline or you just want to get in touch with me about your commission you can ALWAYS email me at any time at: 

MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER because from time to time my emails wind up there.

I will only charge for the amount of time spent working on the piece, so if the time is under the budget cap and you've already paid then you will be refunded for any of your budget not utilized.

Once I'm done I'll send you a preview and after final payment goes through (unless you've already paid in full) I'll be sending you your full HD piece!

And because I've been asked before by super sweet people after a job was done; the art is YOURS. You can do whatever you want with it! It belongs to YOU!

I reserve the right to put in my portfolio or post on my social media. If you have any concerns or preferences please let me know.

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If I post your commission on my social media, where/how should I tag you? (Also as a 2nd way to get a hold of you in case the email gets sent to junk or something. Saying "my twitter" doesn't help if I don't know what "your twitter" is (also, I don't have facebook)) *
What's your email? *
Explain your commission *
Gritty - rough texture
Brushy - loose brushwork / blending
Clean - Takes longest. Smooth edges, soft blending
Low detail - rough shapes - close-up
More detail - more texture - mid distance
Far more detail - easier for full pose with high detail
Full detail - more time for background/scene
Got a preferred style? (see image above)
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What is your budget for this piece? (calculated by $45 per hour). The more time you allow in your budget, the more time I have to add more details and make the piece look as good as possible.  *
Which method will you most likely be using?
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Payment Methods 
(these are links to click on to submit your payment IF YOU WANT TO PAY IN ADVANCE. If you or your device is having trouble with them, simple email me and we'll get you sorted <3 )
- I reserve the right to deny or cancel any commission at any time for any reason
- I WILL refund any payments made in advance if I DENY or CANCEL the commission 
- I WILL NOT refund any payments made after work is completed
- Make sure your 2nd form of contact is NOT SET TO PRIVATE  
- See? Pretty simple
Have you read and accept the big scary rules? *
[[ IGNORE THIS - It was my old budget question and once the current clients on the waiting list are taken care of, I'll be deleting this box ]]
What's your budget? ($45/hr)
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