The Chronicle Application
Please complete this application in order to be considered as a candidate to join The Chronicle staff.
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How much effort are you willing to put forth in the production of The Chronicle?
What other commitments do you have in and out of school?
Have you ever worked independently? Please describe an instance where you have worked independently on a project with little supervision.
Have you ever had to work in a situation where another student was your supervisor? Describe your feelings in regards to working in a situation where a student is in a leadership role.
Have you ever conducted an interview? What conclusion were you able to draw from the interview situation?
Explain why you want to be on the newspaper staff.
Describe a situation where you have had to multi-task, perform multiple duties at once or balance a busy schedule with school requirements.
How well do you handle constructive criticism? Your answer should explain how you handle constructive criticism from a teacher or another student.
What qualifications do you feel you can bring to The Chronicle?
Describe your feelings on the importance of attending a summer Journalism workshop to help prepare for the school year.
Journalism is a two-semester course that runs throughout the entire school year. Comment on spending the entire year with a staff of people with whom you may not always agree but must work with in order to produce the newspaper.
Indicate the areas that most interest you.Sports Writing/Reporting Feature Writing/Reporting News Writing/Reporting Advertising SalesBusiness Management Layout and Design Photography Editor/Leadership Graphic Design, Social Media Content Creation and Management. Explain why you chose these areas.
Feel free to provide links or samples of work. This is not required but is helpful.
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