Goodness Versus Fairness in Public Health Decision Making
Orientation to Ethical Thought Experiments:

- You will be shown a video and then asked to make decisions based on various hypothetical scenarios.
- The purpose of these exercises is for you to understand where you stand regarding these decisions.
- This is not a math problem that you can solve your way out of - instead, it is a way for you to understand you own values.
- There are no right or wrong answers.
- The information you are given in each scenario is all of the information you get - you must make a decision based on these parameters. You may not answer, for example, "I would find more resources".
- Please do not go back and change your answers - if you change your mind during the exercise, tell us about it in the free writing sections! We are most interested in how you reason through your answers, so please don't hesitate to write as much as you feel necessary.

Note: If you are doing this exercise as part of a class, your professor will receive your answer electronically upon submission. Also, at the end of the exercise there are some demographic questions so we can learn more about you. You may opt to skip this section, but please do not forget to submit your answers!

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