50th Anniversary Cooper Cookbook Entry STAFF Submission Form
2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Cooper Elementary School! A professional cookbook is going to be published with favorite recipes from students and staff!

We would love to include at least 1-2 recipes from every staff member, even if you are not interested in purchasing a book.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Shazia Ansari
J.F. Cooper PTA
Email address *
Name as you would like displayed next to the recipe *
Title (i.e. Kindergarten Teacher, 3rd Grade Teacher, Reading Specialist, Principal)
Title of Recipe (Feel free to add in your name or make it interesting! For example: Mr. Smith's Spectacular Strawberry Smoothie)
If your favorite recipe is online and has a link, please copy and paste the link right here. If you submit a link, you do not need to enter in the ingredients and instructions in the next 2 questions. Please skip them and move on.
Ingredients (please skip a line after each ingredient) - Example: 1/2 cup chopped onions
Recipe directions or steps (Can be in paragraph form or numbered steps.)
Optional Short Writing Entry for the Cookbook: Memories of Cooper School, "What I Love About Cooper School", Quarantine Memories, or Jaguar/School/Cooking/Food Jokes
How many cookbooks might you be interested in purchasing? (You can change this number later, but I need a general idea of how many books we need to order to determine the best pricing and the right company for our book). The goal will be $10-14 maximum per book. Please enter 0 if not interested. *
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