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This form is to register for the Team Training intensive that Talent Edge ( ) is offering August 28 to September 1, 2017. We're so glad you're interested in this program and need to collect more information before we can provide you with a price quote, based on your attending team size and other factors.

This Team Training intensive starts at 7am Atlantic time Monday morning, Aug 28th, and thus requires arrive the previous day of Sunday, 27th, at the Tara Manor Inn in St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, Canada. The intensive ends Friday, September 1st, at 1pm after lunch. The Tara Manor Inn is located at 559 Mowat Dr, Saint Andrews, NB, E5B 2P2. The 3 NB cities of Fredericton, Saint John, or Moncton all have Airports if you are flying in. We expect most participants will be be within a 1 day driving radius of the location.

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This intensive will have daily morning exercise including Yoga and Athletics and day adventures. Will all of your team members be able to take part in this physical activity? Are there any medical needs we should know about?
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Committed to Team Coaching & Organizational Development?
This event is meant to kick-off a 6-month Team Coaching & Organizational Development package. Is your team able to commit to this full 6-month package? Are there any Team Members who can't take part in this week-long intensive but will be part of the full 6-month package?
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Boosting Sales & New Revenues
Communications & Better Multi-Office Operations
Strategy, Resourcing, & Alignment
Training new Managers & honing Execution processes
Training new Executives & honing Change management
Engagement, Retention, Selection, and Onboarding processes
Wellness, Resilience, & Healthy Organizational Practices
Morale, Stabilizing changes, Trust & Team Building
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