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Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Quiet Connections. We're looking for someone who knows what it's like to feel socially anxious, shy and not good enough and now feels able to support others who still feel like that.

Please complete this application form and give examples of your written work where possible. We will be in touch within 48 hours. Thanks in advance.

About Quiet Connections

Growing confidence when you're feeling socially anxious, shy or not good enough so you can live a happier life, the way you want.


Connection: Through connecting people who are feeling socially anxious, we create a community of understanding where they can feel safe and develop trust.

Space: We give the space and quiet that our quiet connectors need, allowing them to sit back or step forward when they are ready.

Empowerment: Through empowering quiet connectors we help them to make small stretches, and work towards the life they would like to live.

Openness: We value inclusiveness and provide an environment where it is safe to be vulnerable and show our true selves.

Calm: Creating a sense of calm within ourselves and our environment is very important to us, reducing feelings of anxiety.


We provide opportunities to Connect, Stretch and Grow through peer support, social gatherings, speaking clubs, workshops and coaching. With Quiet Connections, people are making good friends and feeling understood and supported as part of our Quiet Community; taking small, supported steps to stretch their comfort zones in safe spaces amongst friends; learning to manage anxious feelings, love their quiet strengths and grow their confidence.

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