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Summer Conference is May 16 to 21! 3CIV has a limited amount of funds set aside for scholarships to assist students who cannot otherwise afford the full cost. This year, Summer Conference will cost $301 in full. If you would like to receive a scholarship from 3CIV (any amount up to 90% of the full cost of the trip), please fill out this form by Friday, April 15. Your school's treasurer will contact you and update you with the status of your scholarship as we get closer to Summer retreat and finalize the cost.

Claremont McKenna: Sara Stevens <>
Harvey Mudd: Sarah Gilkinson <>
Scripps: Bridgette Ramirez <>

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In this section please tell us how much of a scholarship you think you will need to make it possible for you to attend Summer Con, and please also talk briefly about how you arrived at this number. Possible things to consider: availability of personal income, asking parents, relatives, budgeting/saving money, etc. If there are any special circumstances you would like to share, please do so here.
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